Cross Waves Series
DISTANT TRANSMISSION: Story and Sound from the North

Distant Transmission is an eclectic program of sound, stories and radio transmissions from northern Canada.

Nordicity is a wide concept developed in Canada from the 1960s that refers to the perceived, real or even imagined condition of high-latitude regions. It deals with a large variety of issues taken from both the natural and the human world that may lead to the combined understanding of facts, ideas and interventions of these northern lands.

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Cross Waves is a Canadian Sound Art series produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NASA) that includes performances and internet radio programs curated by eight media artists representing various regional and cultural perspectives in Canada: Chantal Dumas, Steve Bates, Jason Ryle, Peter Courtemanche, Janna Graham, Christof Migone, Anna Friz and Eleanor King.
The programs in the Series were made between July 2014 and December 2015. The content is contextualized by the curators through commentaries and essays that provide a comprehensive overview of sound art throughout Canada since the 1980’s.

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